>I don't get it. What is the purpose of this?

there's nothing here right now but i plan to have this page redirect to the site if it's up 1 day


if you want to bookmark that and visit it the 1st of every month or every saturday or so. - or everyday. all the time. any time you want.

>pls anon

>I'm so confused.
>Do I keep this?


emergency back-ups and alternatives

http://x.vu/1day redirects to whatever the current main site is.

http://anon.pcriot.com current temporary main site.

http://anon.pcriot.com/1day.htm current temporary main site page.

http://anonop.neocities.org alternative temporary main site.

http://anonymous.x10host.com former temporary main site.

http://anonymous.x10host.com/1day.htm former temporary main site page.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155802973/1day.html dropbox temporary main site page.

keep in mind that any of these may fail.

dropbox note: dropbox stopped allowing direct-links and now gives you a file to download. http://anon.pcriot.com is the new page. please keep back-ups such as http://x.vu/1day and etc., if you want to. i'm sorry...

anonymous.x10host.com note: changed the temporary main site from http://anonymous.x10host.com to http://anon.pcriot.com . keep the new link and visit it whenever you want to. thank you.

>yo op make an updates page or something

this is basically the update page. there isn't really anything to say other than "can't fund it" and "working." at this point. to be honest.

>I've been waiting. And by waiting I mean I saw the thread, wished him luck, then forgot.

please remember.

>whatever it is,i'm onboard 100%.even if i have to wait years for it

thank you...

>Good luck with whatever you're doing

thank you...

>Should the opposite part of the equation do anything to help things move along?

it'll be fine. i'll bet they're all doing what they can to help me.

>What if it feels inept and almost inanimate?

it's alright. i am inept and inanimate. and i'm happy they get that.

>thought you were dead

i will never die

don't think i forgot. never forget. don't think i left. i would never leave you. don't think i died. i will never die.

please stay.

i'd like to have it redirect to the site up sometime but i can't predict the future so please be very patient and please believe

thank you for caring about me

thank you


i love you